Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new wardrobe...

So thanks to Kohl's we have added some new dresses to little Miss Prissy Pants' wardrobe. Also - everything she wears now MUST be T5 (not 5T as I say it and she corrects me). She'll get the item of clothing, and look at the tag first, then say 'No, this is not TEE FIVE Mommy, this (shirt, pants, etc) is TEE FOUR and it does NOT fit me and I'm not wearing that anymore.'


Definitely on the list for her birthday, more dresses and skirts (maybe skirts might be acceptable to her, who knows) in TEE FIVE. Oh yes and flip flops or basically any new sandal/shoe - she really loves new shoes, but I mean really, who doesn't? She IS a smart girl!

I think it would be wise to start a savings account for her future wardrobe....yikes!

Monday, March 29, 2010

dresses and tights...

So Miss Priss has decided that the ONLY thing that she is happy wearing every single day is dresses and tights. The problem with this is that we only have so many dresses, some of them are more dressy and not suitable for every day wear, and a few of the other everyday dresses we own, she has decided she does not like for some crazy reason. That really narrows our selection.

The other problem is that this week the weather is finally becoming Spring-like and beautiful, which really doesn't work well with tights (which she totally does not understand and thinks that I am just crazy). Well now with the change of season, the few dresses that she wanted to wear nonstop are too hot, so I am on a mission this week to add a few more spring everyday dresses to our arsenal. Picking outfits every morning (or the night before) has become increasingly unpleasant when we don't have a dress that is acceptable and **GASP** she need to wear something else like a T-shirt and jeans (jeans also becoming highly unacceptable to her, she prefers leggings, thankyouverymuch!)

WHAT THE HECK?!?!? SHE'S ONLY 3 GOING ON 4!! Wow, I've got some interesting years ahead of me... Lord help us!

Friday, March 26, 2010

happy happy birthday!

Our sweet baby girl, the Little Miss turned one today! Where did the time go? Actually I know where it went and I could rattle a laundry list of stuff that went on this year..

It was just a year ago that we were blessed with such a sweet angel. She is, sweet as can be, just like her sisters, but with quite an attitude and personality as well - she can be a little toot!

She has brought so much joy to our little family this past year (and, ahem, quite a few middle of the night wake up calls, we really need to whip that into shape).

We LOVE you, we thank God for you and we look forward to your beautiful, one toothed grin every day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie! Mommy loves you more than I could ever say.

Party tomorrow with pictures (hopefully) to share :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

busy busy busy...

I am still here but seems like I have been so busy the past few weeks. I was planning a Spring Break trip for the girls and we just got back! Houston, Austin and the Hill Country, great road trip, we all had so much fun.

I've been busy with Little Miss - she's taking steps now! We're getting about 3-4 before she decides she needs to crawl! She also got one tooth finally! It's a bottom tooth and the one next to it looks like it may come next - she's surely taking her time with those teeth.

Miss Priss is prissier than ever! She is loving school, loving the beautiful spring weather we've been getting. She wants to play outside all the time, either on her tree swing or drawing pictures on the sidewalk, or blowing bubbles. We are all super glad to be out of the house and enjoying the sunlight!

The Pre-Teen is crazy busy! She finished up volleyball and basketball, now she's on to track. She is also in Select and Swing Choir, youth group for church that are ramping up preparations for a summer mission trip that she is very excited about. Friends, homework, projects, performances, track meets, meetings, chores...whew! I'm tired just writing it out, and more tired that i'm the taxi that shuttles her around to all this stuff.

J is fantastic! He's back in the saddle, he got the itch to start some projects at home so he's been working on the kids bathrooms. New tile on the floors, new updated faucets and lighting - everything is looking great! Next up - yardwork! As soon as it finishes freezing this week, I think we'll be all set to start cleaning, digging, planting and getting our yards ready for spring! I can't wait.

Other than that, I'm just trying to get some things done around here. Still need to work on decorating the master bedroom, ugh, will I ever be done??

Little Miss turns 1 this week!!!! I'll post an update on the festivities later.