Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well I'm back to playing nursemaid over here. The little girls caught a cold, it started with Little Miss and what I thought was teething (will this child ever get a tooth?) but turns out might be a cold. Miss Priss jumped on the bandwagon and decided to add to the snot bucket and she threw a little puke in for good measure. uuuuugggggghhhhh...

Little Miss is so tired of me wiping and sucking boogies out of her nose, but the poor thing can't breathe and she cries in her bed between coughs and snorts and hacks, good times over here I tell ya!

I hope things are better today, staying in the house this much isn't good for us (me). We need some fresh air before things freeze over later this week!

J had a GREAT birthday this past weekend and he's super excited about our date to the Mavs game this weekend.

I've got several travel projects on deck... trying to plan a getaway for Spring Break, we must drive since the planes will be waaay to full for us to nonrev, and I'm too cheap to buy a ticket! I'd love some suggestions, i'm kind of stuck. Also, I need to plan a trip for J and I to celebrate our anniversary in May - thinking probably Napa/Sonoma and then maybe Carmel? OR Tahoe, OR Redwood National Forest in northern CA, we've always wanted to see that - so basically we're going west! Then, I need to figure out what we're doing for summer vacation, I know we're spending a few days visiting mom and going to Schlitterbahn in San Marcos, probably July. We have some vacation days (5 weeks!!) to burn so we definitely need to make the most of it!!

Okay, gotta get the day going, hopefully these babies are feeling good and I don't catch the bug!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two months!!

Yesterday was two months since J had his aneurysm (how in the heck do you spell that ?? i've typed it like a million times in two months and it still is/looks wrong each time).

He is doing great, gained a little weight, back to work full time. We've been enjoying our time together more than ever, because we know we're lucky to have it! I see him looking at the girls with a different look in his eyes. It's the 'I got a second chance' look. It also means that Miss Priss is really getting her way with daddy these days :) He LOVES those girls!!

Saturday is J's birthday - and we'll have some fun celebrating! It won't be a big party like we do each year, we'll have one of those in a couple of months. We're going on a brewery tour in Ft. Worth and then to celebrate with good friends and food! The girls and I are making a chocolate cake and wrapping gifts tomorrow and then next weekend I'll take him to a Mavs game - his favorite!

We're lucky, and we know it! Thank you God!

Friday, January 8, 2010

baby it's cold out there...

It is 16 degrees outside right now as i'm writing this!! CRAZY! Weather like this pretty much means we're not leaving the house. Toting around a wayward toddler and squirmy baby with mounds of puffy coats getting squished into carseats while I"m frrrrreeezzzing my rear off sounds like NO FUN to me!

I REALLY wanted to get out of the house and go to IKEA today. I have a monster list of things I've been compiling that needs to be purchased from there (plus maybe a hotdog and cinnamon roll too while i'm at it... just sayin'). I'm decorating our Master bedroom since we got new king mattresses (YAY!!!) and I need a little bit of everything to pull it together, duvet, shams, dust ruffle, rugs, accessories, artwork, a new dresser, night tables.... yeah, basically our bedroom looks like we're in college, mattress in the middle of the room, and that's about it. It will look awesome once i'm done with it, whenever that is. The poor preteen still hasn't had her room finished and it's been a while now. I will finish decorating this house one day... work in progress.

Well that decorating won't be happening today as we're on lockdown in our warm house. I thank God for our warm house, warm jammies, steaming hot coffee, endless toys in the closet and Dora on the DVR, and for the internets, my lifeline to the outside world...oh how I love thee.

Maybe I should get some cleaning/organizing done...or not.

We had a bit of a scare with J this week and thought something scary was showing up on a head MRI. He had to do another CT scan, and I can only thank God that it was absolutely nothing and am so grateful for everyone's prayers this week! WHAT A RELIEF!!!

As you can probably imagine, J and I are in need of a MAJOR vacation!! We're getting ready to plan a nice getaway soon, lots of ideas, but hopefully someplace that's warmer than Dallas (never thought i'd say that!)