Wednesday, December 30, 2009

back to work...

J went back to work yesterday. He's only doing a couple of hours a day to get used to doing it again. He was so exhausted when he got home yesterday. I know this is good for his mind and spirit, and I know this will help his strength return as well but it makes me so nervous to have him out of the house, and out 'on his own'.

But, with the return to work means back to business as usual around here, which is also a good thing! Yesterday I finished putting all the Christmas stuff away. My mom helped with all the outside and big stuff the day after Christmas because with the small kids, those things would take me FOREVER to finish by myself. The kids begged to keep the tree up a couple more days so I did (i'm not a scrooge but by the end of Christmas, i'm DONE with the decorations), but finally put that up yesterday. I always feel so relieved to get all the decorations put away, all the 'stuff' really makes me feel flustered.

Speaking of clutter... our kids are SO fortunate and blessed by all our family! But OH MY, there are so many new toys and things all over the place. I need to spend some quality time this week and next going through the toy closet and baskets and getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Normally I would have tried to do this before Christmas but this year just didn't allow for that, and that's okay :)

I also really can't wait to get back to the gym - haven't been since before Jason's surgery, there was just too much stuff going on all the time around here. But I am anxious to get back to the treadmill to work off some of these holiday pounds - ugh. I feel like a red hot mess being cooped up in the house for all this time. I need some exercise, a hair cut and color, and lucky me got a massage and facial from J and the kids for Christmas, so I've got to schedule that ASAP!!

The PreTeen and Miss Priss start school again next week and I am ready!!! Loved being home with the family, but it's time to get back to our routines!

In terms of J's health, he's had all sorts of tests run in the past week and everything is looking good and healthy - THANK THE LORD!!! So aside from just allowing his healing to continue and building back his energy levels, which will take another couple months according to the doctors, he's fine now. We just have to breathe a sigh of relief with this news and praise God for looking over him and our family and helping us through this challenging time.

Looking forward to a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve!!

Yay! Mom will be here soon, Sister and family coming later. Breakfast for dinner, Christmas PJ's! Gifts wrapped, about to start snowing outside. Gonna be a great day!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's hoping for a happy HEALTHY holiday for everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

santa 2009

Here's our beautiful girls with Santa.

Merry Christmas!!

she's crawling!!

So Little Miss has been thinking about crawling for weeks and weeks now but just couldn't 'get it', but she finally started this past weekend! I definitely think the Christmas tree was an incentive, she reaaaaaaaalllllly wanted to get over there..... and now she can..... all the time..... all day long, she's headin' over towards the tree.

She's doing all kinds of stuff all of the sudden .... crawling, she's pulling up to stand up on the exersaucer, ottoman, etc. and she's also holding her bottle (sadly, the nursing came to an end during our week at the hospital and my out of this world stress levels, but she's adjusted great to formula and eats a TON of baby food, plus it makes it much easier for the kids to spend the night(s) with grandparents - woohoo!)

Anyway - she's about to be 9 months!!!! Crazy! She's developed such a sweet little personality, and is just a wonderful baby girl, we are so blessed!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

a week away?!?!

Wow, it seems like December is just flying by. I'm having my family over on Christmas Eve and I just looked at the calendar and realized it's a week away! Luckily, we planned to have Breakfast for Dinner (new idea this year - and EASY) and we're doing allll the good stuff, breakfast casseroles, bacon, french toast, etc .... YUM!

I'm NOT a turkey and dressing type of girl so we like to switch up the Christmas Eve menu pretty often since it's so close to Thanksgiving and most of us have had our fill of turkey.

We're also going to be wearing our Christmas pajamas at our Christmas Eve party. Pj's and pancakes - perfect!

The Pre-teen did some gift wrapping for me tonight but once I pulled stuff out of my hiding spots, I realized that I do have a little bit more shopping that I need to do - ack! Hopefully I can get that done asap!

Tomorrow we're taking the girls to see Santa as soon as the Pre-teen is out of school (early release) so I hope that we won't get stuck in any long lines! If all goes well and J is feeling up to it, we might drive around town to let the kids see some Christmas lights - Miss Priss just loves the lights!

Things around here are getting back to normal, J has a little more energy each day and is enjoying this extra time he's getting to be around the girls. We sure do love having him home with us! He thinks he might try to go back to work the week after Christmas, I pray that he'll feel strong(er) and healthy by then.!

Friday, December 11, 2009

our house is quiet....ahhh

This morning our house is sooo quiet. J's parents came yesterday and took the two little girls out to their farm for a couple of days. Miss Priss LOVES her Nana and Papa and runs to their car to buckle herself into her carseat so they can leave. Then comes the 'oh yeah, bye mommy!' Little Miss loves that there is a constant stream of arms over there that want to hold her, so her bottom doesn't sit on the ground very often, which is right up her alley! Honestly, I miss them as soon as they drive away, but I do appreciate a little break.

The Pre-Teen had to be at school eaaaaaaarly this morning, but I came back home and got right into bed. I love all my girls, but it is NICE to not have any noses to clean, diapers to change or Dora the Explorer for a couple of days! I think there is a nap in my future - yay!

J is doing better each day. Slow and steady but he's getting there. He's still figuring out that his energy isn't what it used to be and it's going to take a while, which is frustrating to him. He's got bad cabin fever so we try to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it is just for a little drive and some fresh air and sunshine.

Selfishly, I love having him home. I love the conversation and company. The kids love it too. I'm sure Miss Priss probably thinks it's extended vacation or something, she doesn't even ask if he's going to work every day like she used to. Sure, sometimes it's hard to remember that he can't help with picking up a kid or loading them in the car, etc. and by the end of most days I am BEAT. We have been eating so many delicious meals that our friends have been bringing and I am SO THANKFUL for so many reasons, but mainly because I don't know how I'd fit cooking into these days!!

More than anything though, I love having him home all day because I can see him and see that he is okay. If I'm out at the store or somewhere else, I feel I need to get home urgently to see that he is okay and feels well. I just am so aware of how lucky we are that everything turned out the way it did. I definitely cherish every day with him, you just don't realize how quickly things could change until something like this happens.

On another note, we've been getting ready for Christmas. Thank GOD for my mom who helped get the majority of our decorations up in the house. I've done 95% of my shopping (online - thank you!) and just finished my Christmas cards - whew! The Pre-Teen and Little Miss both had Christmas programs at school and were so cute! I was wanting to do some Christmas activities for the kids this year, but we might only make it to take a picture with Santa, and drive around to see all the beautiful lights, which will be good enough! We'll make up for it next year though!

I have lots of pictures to upload, but who has the time, sheesh! Okay, i'm off to enjoy my quiet house and day off!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

patient recovery..

We've been home about a week now and things are slowly getting into a sort of rhythm. Things are not back to 'normal', nor will they be for a while, but the girls are happy that daddy is back home and we're kind of easing into things. J is still in a lot of pain, but it's getting a little better each day.

I took him to see the Dr. yesterday and she was pleased with his progress but assured him that this was MAJOR SERIOUS stuff that happened to him and that recovery is going to slow and painful. This can be so discouraging for anyone to hear, but especially J who just isn't one to sit around, do nothing, ask for help, have people do stuff for him.... it's an adjustment. My patient isn't usually very 'patient', but he's learning to be since he has no choice, he hurts. My heart hurts for him because I can see how hard and painful it is right now. It's like when your kids are sick and you literally feel sick because you can't make them feel better, that's how I feel.

I try to keep his spirits up as much as possible and the kids are really a great help. Those three girls sure can put a smile on his face! I'm having to be extra cautious with Miss Priss because she does not understand the extent of the 'boo boo' on daddy's belly, so when she's sitting with him or cuddling, i'm on eggshells and ready to swoop in and grab her if I need to. Hard to be cautious but not scare her, it's a fine line.

Mom has been her since the day of J's surgery and she leaves this Saturday. I.AM.NERVOUS! She has been such a huge help with the kids and I am so grateful to her. I know I can handle things, but I'm already beat by the end of the day and she's doing so much of the kid work - eek! Luckily our local parents are coming to help or be on standby, thank God for all of them!

All of this scary stuff has really been such an eye opener in so many ways, some of which I'm sure I'll write about in the future. For now I just thank God for J and for his life, for his improved health and strength, for our girls and for our family.