Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the tooth fairy is comin' !!

major milestone at our house today! miss priss lost her first tooth - she was so excited when it started wiggling, she spent some quality time jiggling it back and forth, helping it along. today she asked me if I would wiggle it a little and once I had my fingers on it, I could tell it was barely hanging on. I gave it a little tug and it was out, she didn't even know until I showed it to her laying in my hand.

she is SO excited that the tooth fairy is coming tonite!! can't believe how big she is getting.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy birthday sweet little miss...

sweet angel baby, i can't believe it has been two years! some days it really feels like it is just flying by, and some days (I mean, i'm just gonna be honest) it really doesn't!

you are beautiful, playful, cuddly, sweet, loving, silly, sneaky, mischievous, high maintenance, dramatic, picky... and I couldn't imagine our family without you!

you love to watch Dora, and sing and dance. you are the worlds pickiest eater, but your favorites are CHEESE (who can blame you), berries, goldfish, tortillas, frozen peas (weird, but whatever it takes). you adore your sisters. you are a great nighttime sleeper, love playing with playdough and crayons - maybe you're going to be an artist!

thank you for all of your daily hugs and kisses, even when I think I might pull my hair out, you still can make me melt with that little snaggletooth smile :)

love you, sweet girl..