Friday, July 30, 2010

swim lessons..

Miss Priss took 4 weeks of swim lessons this year. Her learning to swim was top priority this summer and I think with her awesome instructor, Mr. Ethan, she is doing fantastic. No life jacket at all this summer, maybe she's going to take after her older sister after all.

long days of summer...

It's been a long and busy summer and I have totally slacked on the blog postings it seems like we've been super busy, but then at the same time we have days (like today, and yesterday and....) where it seems like the day is just dragging.

Miss Priss is at a point where she wants to be entertained constantly, all day long, one activity after the other, finger painting, playdoh, swimming, sidewalk chalk (can you say HOT outside?), candyland, chutes and ladders, etc etc. We can't put one activity away before she's asking what we're going to do next, and what can we do after that, and by the way, what are going to do tomorrow???? I'M BORED MOMMY!!!!!

Mix all that together with the Little Miss wanting to get all involved in whatever activity Miss Priss is working on and let the drama begin. MP does not like LM playing with her stuff 99.9% of the time, and that is alllll that LM wants to play with. sigh...

MP has asked and asked and asked and asked when school starts again, and she can't wait until September and neither can mommy!! Holy moley summer's are busy.

The Preteen has been BUSY this summer too - summer vacation with mom, then another trip with dad, then a church mission trip then she's going on a little trip with her BFF and then another trip planned to visit grandma right before school starts. Throw in some sleepovers and other stuff and she's hardly been around, and when she has been, she sleeps until noon. Oh the good 'ol days of childhood summers, how I remember them fondly..

Anyway - i'll be posting some pictures of summer vacation and other fun things. Stay tuned...