Saturday, April 16, 2011

indian princesses ..

J and Miss Priss joined the Indian Princesses program this year (actually it is called the Adventure Guides, but that sounds lame and apparently everyone who participates in the program still refer to it as Indian Princesses). They have been having so much fun at some of their recent events.

They participated in Derby Days and created a wooden race car together. At the big race Miss Priss won 2nd place! Her purple polka dotty car beat some fancy schmancy cars and she won a trophy, a medal and a patch. She was SO proud!

A couple of weeks ago, they attended the Spring campout at Collin County Adventure Camp. They both had such a great time, they got to shoot bow and arrows, beebee guns, they went on nature walks, made smores, went to a bonfire and she earned two feathers - one for being a new camper and one for bravery when she saw a small snake on her nature hike (EEEEEEK!!!)

J can't wait until the next one, he said it was so fun spending good, uninterrupted, quality time with Miss Priss and I know she felt exactly the same :) As I was packing up her things for the campout, I told her I was going to miss her and maybe Little Miss and I could come to the campout too. She promptly informed me that Indian Princesses was NOT for mommies or babies, and I needed to stay home and take care of Little Miss, and that she and daddy would be back soon. sweet sweet girl..