Wednesday, February 9, 2011

don't forget the 'un-romantic' valentine's date...

I know I haven't blogged in... forever. But I was scrolling back and remembered that this time last year we had our first 'Un-Romantic' Valentine's Date - we painted pottery, and J learned how to make a clay pot on a wheel - verrry Patrick Swayze ;)

Anyway - just revisited the blog, Prudent Baby, that game me the original inspiration, and she just posted about some of the things they have done on their dates, plus there are lots of great ideas in the comments also.

This year, we have childcare (woohoo) and we might swing by Rahr Brewery early in the day - J loves it there. Then we're having sushi (free gift card - thanks Mom), and I think visiting DFW Gun Range for some Dirty Harry practice - I actually think it will be fun! Other great ideas that were suggested, whirleyball, or TopGolf (yuck) but he would have a ball! and in the words of 'Prudent Baby' .. 'The whole point of the day is to plan something you would not ordinarily want to do, something ridiculously manly and out of your comfort zone. Then smile the whole time and act like you love it.'

It should be a memorable date :)
Happy V-day!