Monday, November 21, 2011

we moved!!

This might have been one of the first posts in my latest updates but better late than never. We MOVED! again!

Long story short, we had always loved this one neighborhood since we moved to this area. Beautiful quiet street, no sidewalks, gorgeous trees, huge lots, right by the park... Anyway - this summer the opportunity to look at this house for sale came up, and although we were not looking to move, this house just seemed like it would be perfect for us. One story, beautiful big front and back yards (the front of our old house felt like a mini freeway and we never felt comfortable letting the girls play out there), and huge potential (we love our home projects!)

After some back and forth we decided it would be a great time and opportunity for our family. It seems crazy, we sometimes think we're a little crazy, especially because our new house needs SO.MUCH.WORK and our old house was finished (had JUST finished remodeling the master bath), but we are all enjoying our new house, and little by little it is going to look exactly the way we want it to. For now, we are so happy enjoying our new space and looking forward to the future in our new home.

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